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Websites With WordPressWebsites with WordPress
by Vern G. Vetter, PE


This eBook introduces the subject of building websites with WordPress from the perspective of someone new to WordPress desiring an understanding of the subject without having the time or inclination to become a code expert. Our first look at WordPress left us with the impression that there is no logical starting point.  All things are dependent on all things, so lets complicate the learning process with code-speak.  We  admire and respect the coding community as without them there would be no venue. The tools developed by the code gurus make it possible for the code challenged to participate. Thank you code guys and gals.

Material presented is the result of reviewing blogs and websites of developers, browsing forums, and trial and error and error and error. The final sections of this presentation provide links to the sites and organizations from which the material was abstracted. Material  herein was developed to provide a logical (in our mind) starting point, covering basics by the numbers and finalizing with observations on optimization and customization for commercial websites using WordPress as a platform. 

DisclaimerEverything changes every day
Our purpose in putting this material on line is to provide a point of reference between our clients and ourselves concerning the subject.  The internet is an evolutionary medium, WordPress is a “living platform”, and things that are valid today may be passé tomorrow. WordPress was upgraded three times during 2011, and since the start of this trip more than 3000 plugins have been added. Accordingly, this eBook will be subject to updates at any time, and carries absolutely no guarantee of any kind  concerning accuracy or results to be experienced from use of the material presented. All information presented is available only if the viewer accepts it on a “use at your own risk” basis. 

As a final note, the viewer is advised that some of the links herein may represent affiliations with the organizations referenced and as such are self serving.
About the AuthorSo simple an OLD man can do it!

Vern is retired from a career in engineering construction which enabled him to pay his rent via 60 hour work weeks involving the design, marketing, sales, construction, start up, and maintenance of  industrial process systems.

Since retirement, he has served as a consultant to his daughter in her activities with emvWebSource. One of his favorite expressions is “So simple an OLD man can do it”.