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Having provided website services since the days of dial up and Prodigy, EMV Services is the bridge between individuals desiring an effective on line presence and the ever changing technology that is the internet.

Present technology allows business owners to provide a greater range of on-line services for their employees and clients with 24/7 information dissemination at a fraction of the cost of printed copy. 

Whatever the product, if you are interested in selling, eCommerce is a means of increasing market penetration. The process involves:

  • Selection or development of a venue compatible with your goals.
  • Creation of presentations to properly represent the products offered.
  • Develop a pricing strategy based on competitive offerings.
  • Develop a system of order fulfillment covering Terms, Customer Service, Payment, Packaging, Shipping, Delivery Confirmation and Returns.
  • Create a book keeping system to keep score on cost of sales and tax liability.
  • Establish a customer service hotline, and initiate a marketing strategy to promote your on-line presence.

If you are a specialty business thinking about on-line sales .. I welcome the opportunity to discuss you requirements.  If your base of operations is in Phoenix, Arizona I may be able to assist with order fulfillment.

If you presently operate an on-line sales outlet .. and it’s not performing to expectations, perhaps you simply don’t have the time to give it the attention it deserves ..  we should talk.  You can reach me via e-mail through my Contact page.

Client Portals

Client Portals allowing customers to access current information on their accounts. Anything that may be placed on line for the convenience of a client increases the usefulness of a company’s services and attracts additional customers. 

Site Tracking
Site tracking shows (among other things) the number of viewers visiting a site, the manner in which they arrived, pages viewed, time spent on each page, the way they left, and if they returned.  Analysis of tracking data allows determination of site effectiveness as well as the effectiveness of  alternate marketing methods.

Search Engine Visibility

Website traffic partially results by being visible to search engines responding to the terms for which people search. Search engine rankings vary between the major search engines, but are relatively consistent concerning site format, site content, the manner in which content is presented, and the number and quality of other sites linked to a given site. Search engine visibility is a vital factor contributing to the effectiveness of your website.

By understanding the Viewer’s thinking in searching for a specific product or service, and tailoring your web site to show up in the top search engine responses, additional site traffic is generated resulting in more Viewers being exposed to your message.  EMV Services tracks website performance and adjusts content and “under-the-hood” factors to improve search engine rankings for specific search terms.

Website Upgrade

Experience shows that upgrading a web site which is out of date by current standards results in increased  traffic and increased inquiries.  

Upgrade usually involves site tracking to establish a performance base, update and expansion of content to properly define current circumstances, and the revision of images and diagrams to provide timely representation. It may also involve repositioning and refocusing of the total presentation to catch up with and hopefully surpass competitive efforts since the site was originally placed on line.  Finally, it involves the a means of determining the effectiveness of the upgrade.

If You Want to know

If you feel your existing website could be doing a better job, use our contact link to describe your thoughts on what you would like to see from the site.  We will perform a no cost preliminary evaluation of the site and let you know what potential we see and a budget cost for site revision.

If you consider our analysis valid, we proceed with site tracking to establish actual performance of your existing site, discuss our thoughts on content and search terms with you, and work up a prototype site for your eyes only on a host we maintain for this purpose.    

We rely on our clients for input.  Who knows more about the tricks of the trade than the tradesman, and who has less time to devote to keeping up with the daily revisions in the way the digital world treats on line content?

After you approve the prototype site, should you decide to proceed with site up grade, you go on-line as soon as you approve and pay our invoice for the finalized demo site.  If you decide not to proceed, you will not be billed for our efforts.

From simple data entry to establishing and maintaining your on-line presence, if your time is worth more than $20 per hour, think of me as your Website Assistant.

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eCommerce Services

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