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    Websites with WordPress

    Website with WordPress

    This free online eBook is a beginner’s guide to WordPress websites covering the basics with minimal code involvement. 

    We’ve flattened the learning curve and cover the essentials in step by step fashion eliminating codespeak.

    Graphics provide immediate grasp of system capabilities and how these capabilities may be used to attract targeted traffic, retain viewer interest, and maximize return on marketing investment

    Future chapters will cover Mobile Designs,  Site Promotion for Local Business, and Site Monetization.

    Not A Quick Trip

    Not a Quick Trip

    This venture into the World of WordPress has become a much longer trip than we ever expected. This is not something you just do ?. It becomes a way of life.  The scope of the platform is boundless, and the contributions by the world community are endless.  As in life, changes to the environment occur moment by moment. 

    Four months ago, we felt that a basic “how to” guide could be on line in eight weeks.  Our guide will be available soon, but it will never be finished.  The encouraging facts are that by means of trial and error, and error, and error, we have developed a base that will serve our clients and ourselves well until there is a polar shift in the way things are done on-line. 

    It’s a fantastic journey filled with continuing opportunity.. 

    Finding Our Way

    Finding Our Way

    Having been involved with the internet since the days of Prodigy on dial up, and having generated websites for family, friends, and small business since 1999, decided in May of this year it was time to get seriously involved in the current on-line vogue of making your worldly presence known … the Content Management System.

    If a camel is an animal designed by a committee, a CMS has got to be the product of a committee of committees.  We tried one of the leading (according to cmsmatrix.org) content management systems on for size in ’09 and had one of our clients on-line in two languages for about 6 months.  The system proved to be more trouble than it was worth, and we reverted to HTML and the tried and true system of tables for site layout to get things where and how we wanted.

    Fast forward to 2011.  Learning from our previous no-fun experience with CMS, we decided to try WordPress… It is used by millions of people for all manner of online endeavor, so there must be something to it, right? This site is being generated to educate ourselves and assist our clients in the care and feeding of contemporary websites directed at producing maximum return on investment.  Any and all are welcome to the information presented if they feel it of value, but all are cautioned to “USE AT YOUR OWN RISK”.  Things change too fast these days for us to be responsible.

    We are not now and never will be proficient in PHP, CSS, and MySQL (although we have the greatest admiration and respect for anyone who is).  We just want to fly the plane, not build it.  Thanks to software developers who relate to our shortcomings, thanks to the latest technology which makes this all possible, and thanks to the WordPress Community, it looks like we may get off the ground for real this time. Stay tuned.

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