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Data entry servicesData Entry Services

Profitable operations depend in a large part on the effective utilization of electronic resources. Communications, record keeping, instruction, marketing, sales, and customer service all benefit from timely, accurate on-line information.

Data entry services available include: Word Processing; File Management; Data Entry; Media Conversion and Management; Graphics layouts for letterhead, business cards, fliers, line cards; flow charts; Photo Editing; and Special Projects.

I’m presently managing in excess of eight gig of on line data for various projects including:

Develop and Maintain On Line Inventory Systems

On line inventoryProblem: Manufacturer required periodic reports of materials in process as means of cost control. Field personnel with clipboards gathered basic data. Information gathered was required to be further processed to determine status of individual materials as evaluated by several parameters, and thus it was impractical to have the people using clipboards collect original data electronically. Once finalized, the data had to be readily available for reference to production employees.

Solution: Process clipboard information to determine material status using owner’s proprietary software. Transfer results to a secure on line data base from which it could be accessed by production employees via terminals throughout the facility.

Develop and Maintain Service Report Systems

On line reportingProblem: Contractors providing mechanical maintenance and service for multiple local outlets which are part of national chains required means of tracking, explaining, and discussing invoicing for work performed. Personnel involved included the local managers, district managers, and national managers, each in different cities.

Solution: Provide on line service reports in event conference calls were required to resolve billings. Reports included work orders from the technician doing the work, photographs as required to justify manner in which work was accomplished, cost breakdown to detail invoice totals and recommendations for preventative work.

Developed Instructional Materials in On Line and CD Format

On line instructionProblem: Train in plant maintenance personnel on the proper operation and maintenance of various processing systems. Proper operation involved attention to and adjustment of flow rates of product and heat transfer fluids depending on pressures and temperatures within the systems. As well as being an educational tool for existing and new hire employees, the course material would be reference material for day to day operation.

Solution: Reformat training material into an interactive flash format presentation that replaced lots of general words with diagrams related to specific plant equipment. Interactivity allowed observation of effect of changes within process. On line material provided ready reference for existing and new hire personnel. CD format provided for personal at home review or study.

So when you just need a little more time …

If I may be of help with your data entry service requirements, I look forward to hearing you through my Contact link.

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