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Client AgreementClient Agreement

The following Terms are applicable to all work performed by EMV Services for all Clients.

The term “Client” used herein refers to the entity for whom the work is performed. “Client’s Representative” refers to an employee or agent of the Client authorized to make decisions regarding the scope of work on behalf of the Client.

EMV Services refers to the on line service organization operated by E. M. Vetter. The terms EMV Web Source or emvWebSource are synonymous with EMV Services.

Classification of Work
EMV Services only works on “G” rated projects.

Client Interface
All services are provided from EMV Services base of operations via email or client furnished interface with client’s in-house computers. 

Equipment and Software
PC computers, scanner, printer, and software are included in EMV Services standard rates. Special software not in EMV Services library but required by client will be furnished by client at no charge, suitable for use with Windows XP, Vista, and Seven.

In the event Client’s project involves creation of hardcopy in the form of flyers, manuals, etc., all materials required (paper, ink, photocopy service, etc.) materials will be secured locally and invoiced at EMV Services cost with supporting invoices.

All travel required by a project for pick-up, delivery, etc. will be invoiced at EMV Services standard rate plus $1.00 per mile plus time.

Website Domain Name and Hosting
It is in the client’s best interest to maintain control over his domain name and hosting. If necessary, EMV Services will assist  the client obtain a domain name and hosting for his website. The client is responsible for all domain and hosting costs. The Client recognizes that EMV Services requires access to the clients hosting service (including User Names, Passwords, and PIN numbers) to finalize a site.

Client Responsibility for Materials Furnished
The client is responsible to insure that all text, graphics, charts, and photographs provided for inclusion in the site be owned or licensed by the client.  The client stipulates he is authorized to use this material for purposes intended and is solely responsible for the validity of copyrights, trademarks and ownership of these materials. The client agrees to indemnify and hold EMV Services harmless against any and all claims, loss, damage, expense or liability (including attorney’s fees and costs) that may result in whole or in part from any and all claims resulting from the use of these materials.

EMV Services recognizes it may have access to client’s confidential and proprietary information and agrees not  to disclose to any other person (unless required by law) or use for personal gain any Confidential Information at any time during or after the term of this Agreement.

Ownership of End Product
After receipt of final payment, all end products generated by EMV Services become the exclusive property of the client. The client will allow the free use these materials for sales and marketing the capabilities of  EMV Services.

Demo Hosting
EMV Services maintains restricted access hosting space for purposes of on-line review and discussion of prototype work at no charge to clients.

Clients employ EMV Services via an “e-mail handshake” avoiding the need for paperwork. An e-mail from a client including the term “authorization to proceed” establishes all emails on the subject and these Terms of Service as being the Contract. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona.

Website Terms and Conditions
Websites dealing with sales or representation of products and services may be subject to the inclusion of terms and conditions protecting clients and viewers rights. These terms and conditions should be developed by a qualified legal entity familiar with the client’s business and the laws of the areas in which the client intends to do business.  All clients are encouraged to include terms on their sites that will best protect their interests.  EMV Services is not qualified or capable of providing legal advice, but will provide upload and integration of legal terms furnished by the clients legal advisor as part of any project. 

Billing Rates
EMV Services standard billing rate for On Line Assistance is $20.00 per hour. With a well defined scope of work we can provide “not-to-exceed pricing’.

Unless otherwise arranged, all work is invoiced weekly via PayPal system, with payment due within two days of billing. Project progress depends on clients prompt payment.  

Client Needs
I continue to learn that “one policy doesn’t fit all”  If you have requirements not covered by the above standard conditions, please get in touch so we may arrive at services and prices that fit your needs.